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Work Experience

2020 - Present

Program Development Director

GroundWell LLC

  • Collaborated with the founder to build her online business from the ground up. Based on her vision and budget, procured the  appropriate video hosting, client booking and virtual operations platform.

  • Built the GroundWell website. Implemented a system of appointment booking for one-on-one and group sessions. Implemented strategies for consistent client communications. Developed a program of day-to-day operations and set up a payment gateway for ecommerce. 

  • Brand strategy, brand design assets, hired and liaised with a graphic designer to develop a new brand logo.

2020 - Present

Virtual Programming + Communications Manager

Modo Yoga NYC

  • Researched, developed and managed the Modo Yoga NYC Online platform, including website design, contract negotiations, content layout strategy, ecommerce and web integrations.

  • Set up two filming studios, trained employees to operate streaming & recording equipment. Currently provide technical support and operations management.

  • Social media, newsletter and marketing strategy, management and content creation.

  • Developed schedule of outdoor studio pop-ups across Manhattan and Brooklyn. Coordinated with the venue and staff to maintain a smooth customer experience.

Oct. 2020 - Dec. 2020

Virtual Program Development Consultant

Modo Yoga Los Angeles

  • Oversaw the creation and curation of Modo Yoga LA Virtual Studio, including website design, technical specs, content strategy/layout, pricing structure and timeline for platform rollout.

  • Ran weekly meetings with owners and managers to provide updates, delegate tasks, develop day-to-day operations strategies and train staff to maintain the business.

  • Created content and strategy for communications and platform rollout to delegate to the MYLA Marketing Manager.

  • Handled all contract negotiations, securing a reduced rate deal for the business to launch with.

Jun. 2019 - Mar. 2020

Research & Development

Pathway to Paris: 1000 Cities

  • Designed 1000 CITIES website; including branding elements, copy and navigation. Worked with the founder to implement new ideas, bolster the charity’s mission and make the site more interactive. 

  • Liaised at NYC UN Climate Week. Developed a strategy to convey the organization’s mission through visual and conversational mediums. 

  • Conducted research interviews with UK Climate Leaders, and wrote reports in contribution to the 1000 Cities Climate Research Report.

Jun. 2019 - Nov. 2019

Sweat for Change Campaign Coordinator

Modo Yoga NYC

  • Worked with a bi-coastal team to coordinate and execute a successful fundraising campaign; including branding, social media rollout, merchandising and marketing strategy.   

  • Developed a program strategy, trained staff with day-to-day operations, sign-up, soundbytes and customer service.

  • Established partnerships with neighboring businesses for collaboration and inter-business brand visibility.



Emerson College | BA Theatre Studies: Directing

Skills + Expertise

  • Live Streaming Production (YouTube Live, FB Live, Zoom, Custom Streaming RTMP, OBS, Larix, WireCast, StreamLabs)

  • Risk Management

  • Scheduling

  • Template Web Design (Squarespace, Wix, Wordpress, Shopify)

  • Event Production

  • Project Management 

  • Contract negotiations

  • Travel Arrangements

  • Google Suite, Microsoft Office Suite

  • Email Marketing, Social Media Management

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